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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Consignment Finds Part II

This figurine was more than likely made in a ceramics class.  How could I resist?
I've put together a sampling of more of my consignment finds. 

If you love collecting, you'll enjoy scouring tag sales, auctions and antique shops for that "something special".  I admit, it's difficult not to make impulse buys when on a collectible shopping trip!  A small chip or crack doesn't deter from an elements' simple beauty.  It's my belief that items such as these only enhance your decor, whatever style it may be.
Not only was it the color blue that drew me to these vases, I thought the hand painted flowers were lovely.

I happen to like little collectibles.  These small porclein figurines came in a box lot from an auction.  When cleaning things like this, you have to be careful not to take the paint off.  Use a mild dish soap and do not scrub!  I love the doll that the smallest girl is holding.

Collecting souvenir china became popular in the nineteenth century.  Depicting Round Pond Harbor in Maine, I love this piece despite the crack.

I found this at an art store tag sale.  Watercolors are my favorite.  Yes, the weather glass shown in the photo is a tag sale find also.

A newer novelty item, this is worth at least the quarter I paid for it.

From another auction box lot, I had never seen a flower "frog" that was actually a frog!

 The whimsical illustration on this cup and saucer is unique.

The history of Walker China in Bedford, Ohio is quite interesting and can be found here.

This is an all-time favorite tag sale find!  My son has loved fishing since he could walk.  We picked this up for $2.

The Wadsworth-Longfellow house was the first "house museum" to open to the public in Maine.

The detailed artwork on this saucer is exquisite.

Another auction find, my husband wasn't about to let this wonderful ashtray get away.

Old houses fascinate me.  I found this at a tag sale for $1.  Unfortunately, I haven't been able to locate the artist or the house.

Cats are another love of mine.  Someone loved this cat enough to immortalize it in watercolor.

A $5 auction find.  The frame is very intricate and although it's chipped, the beautiful painting on silk overcomes that.

A local girls field hockey team was having a fundraiser and that's where I spotted this antique headboard.  Originally I didn't want to paint it, but the wood was extremely dry and had been neglected for many years.

The blues in this serving plate were perfect for the room.  It's heavy and durable but I chose to use it for display only.

A wonderful book from an author who so unabashedly loved Maine, this book was written in 1956.  Louise Dickinson Rich often wrote about Maine and Massachusetts.  It's dust jacket is worn but it's a pleasant addition to my collection.

Yes, it could stand to be re-framed and matted, but for a dime I picked this photo of the shell middens in Damariscotta, Maine at a local hospital sale.

These weather houses are pleasing examples of folk art.  Typically, the woman comes out in sunny weather and the man comes out when it's going to rain.  I'll keep my thoughts on that to myself!

A petite chair with a needlepoint seat?  This little beauty was in someone's front yard at a tag sale.  I had to have it.

Geraniums are the ultimate summer annual.  In this instance, it appears that the painting has been glued onto a piece of tin.  I've considered framing it, but prefer it in this state of what I call "relaxed art".

Note - On a trip to Maine last week, we found a second trout decanter at a group antique shop!  Our original one is on the right.  It appears that they were all hand painted.  What a nice find.

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  1. I love tag sales! I especially love the Old Man and the pipe! My father, who passed away recently, bought a similar one for my husband. It's a pencil holder. I had no idea it was a handmade ceramic! My husband used to keep it on his desk, at our second home in my folk's home town. Since my father passing we had to downsize my mom and she is now in a smaller house with us. The pencil holder now sits atop our dresser. He always reminds me of my sweet dad! I also love the weather house! I have never seen one of these before. I will have to be on the lookout for one. Also, love the trout. My husband's grandmother used to have one she kept matches in to light the stove. We have it now on our bookcase. Love your blog!