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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Ride a Sno Jet!

Helmets anyone?
When I was a little girl in the late 60's, we would make the two day trip up Route 5 to Marshfield, Vermont.  My father's aunt and uncle lived there and it was always a wonderful trip!  I have great memories of being outdoors riding snowmobiles this time of year.

Of course kids didn't have computers or video games to keep them inside.  I don't even remember a television set there.  We couldn't wait to put our snow-clothes on (bread bags tucked into our boots for liners), and get outside for some fresh air!  Looking back at the photos, it appeared that they had three snowmobiles; two Sno Jets and a Sno Sport.  I was able to find information along with old advertisements for the Sno Jet.  I wasn't as fortunate when searching for information on the Sno Sport.  I understand that it's necessary to move forward with advances in technology from year to year.  However, you have to admit that after looking at these photos "vintage" just looks like more fun!

Oh come on....she wasn't really driving!

How cool are they?

Girls on snowmobiles!

So much fun.

"I don't really have to take them with me, do I?"

1969 Sno Jet Ad

35 horsepower...woo hoo!

1970 Sno Jet Ad

A 2014 model ski-doo.

Bring back the 60's!

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