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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Punxutawney Phil Lives Under Our Barn

Well, not really.  But surely this guy (or gal) is related to Phil!  I see him periodically throughout the year.  Usually he just sits outside and chews on a delectable piece of grass sprinkled with a topping of weeds.  He looks at me but doesn't run.  He absolutely loved the new apple tree we planted next to the barn; lightly gnawing the bark less than a day after we planted it.  I think if you are going to live in the country you have to put up with these loveable creatures.  After all, he was here first.  The house had been empty for quite some time so why not move onto the property away from barking dogs and noisy traffic?  Although he may have a wonderful city built under the barn that he shares with several family members, he's really not a nuisance.  At least until the barn falls down.  The other entrances to this underground wonderland are in the woods, away from the areas we frequent.  He runs if we walk out the door.  I'm amazed at the website that pays tribute to Phil.  You can join his club or buy a jacket with his name on it.  There are groundhog clubs all over North America celebrating this cute, chubby little guy.  Perhaps you'd like to plan a trip to Punxutawney for next February so you can see this weather forecast in person!

The groundhog, or woodchuck as it is also commonly known, is a member of the rodent family.  Yes, they are the same animal.  They eat mostly grasses and other green things, but occasionally eat insects as well.  I wish he'd eat those giant spiders incubating in the barn!

And what happened this morning....why he saw his shadow of course!  Six more weeks of beautiful, cold and snowy weather.  Why not?  We live in the Northeast.  I wouldn't expect anything else.  Nor would I want any other outcome.

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